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I've just come back from the vets - was all in all a good visit (thank god!)

I happened to mention Jake's funny gait - aka over the last few months he's began walking like a frog. Knee's heavily bent, back arched his knees poke out a little when he walks. There's nothing really wrong with him - no noticable discomfort. I just decided to mention it - as I caught him sitting on the table with his knees out - doing his frog pose.

My vet had a look at him and said he's probably got an arthritic back due to his age (he's now 2 years old). He showed me his back (compared to Daphne's) and it's quite obviously overly curved up top - then flattens towards the base of his tail. It's quite odd!

I did mention spine degeneration etc and the vet considered, but as he has no co-ordination problems, his nails are sharp (apparently you should expect dulled nails due to dragging) and it's the shape of his spine that's the issue, not the use of his legs it's probably arthritis.

Has anyone else experienced this? I found it quite interesting
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