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Athena is a girl born from my litter a year ago. She's always been aloof but never aggressive and doesn't seem to fear me as she happily will take treats from me.

However, yesterday for some reason she acted particularly fearful of me in the cage where if I pushed it she was threatening to bite. Ive done immersion with her a few times to no avail on her standoffish nature but decided to try again.

Well, here we are in a strange new place sitting together and suddenly all she does is follow me around and climb on me. So clearly she trusts me. However, I know In my heart if I took her back to the cage she would avoid me again.

It's a long ramble but I'm looking for advice interpreting her I hate you in the cage to clambering on me outside the main area; I also need advice on where to go or what to do from here. She always sweetens up in one on one time but in the cage is normal.
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