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Country: Canada
State/Region: British Columbia
City/Town: New Westminster
Number of rats: unknown at this time
Sex: unknown at this time
Age(s): not born yet
Name(s): N/A
Colours: unknown but blue or agouti is highly likely
Neutered: no
Reason for rehoming: Can't keep them all
Temperament: Mother has a excellent disposition and curious nature . Babies will be handled frequently .

Medical problems: N/A
Will the group be split: Yes , if you have other rat/rats of the same sex otherwise must go in same sex pairs .
Transport available: Possibly within the lower mainland
Preferred donation: $7 single $10 same sex pair

My Blue Dumbo Self rat is pregnant and due to deliver within the next few days . She arrived here pregnant , this was NOT a intentional breeding by any means . The father of this litter is unknown but there is a good possibilty he was either a blue dumbo or hooded agouti dumbo .

Babies will be ready to go at 5-6 weeks in age and will be adopted out in same sex pairs or singles if you have another rat/s of the same sex . These are PET rats NOT feeders or breeders .

If interested please contact me through email and I will send you a application form . I only do this to help insure these babies go to the best possible homes as I truly care about their welfare .

I will keep all interested approved parties updated when the babies are born and as they age .


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