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Baby Rat biting in her sleep?

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We're lucky enough to have one of the world's sweetest ratties. (she's only about 8-9 weeks old), and she'll spend most of her day curled up in my sweater, alternately coming up and out for a few smoochies and some grooming. (Apparently, the area under my chin is a MESS) ;)

BUT, she's obviously having some pretty intense little rattie dreams, she's jerking and running away in there, (very cute, normally), then it seems like she wakes up, (bit of a scramble), and she BITES. I can't give her trouble for doing so, obviously, she's not in her right mind when it happens. When I holler (and DID the last time, she bit and hung on!), she comes out like 'what's up Mum?' complete with rattie yawns and stretches, then gives me a through kissing session.

Question is, is this normal?
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The general rule, "No blood, no foul." Is she biting down hard? She might just be getting used to the taste of you.
Or if you're startling her when she's just waking up, that could be why.
My rats will nibble and chew on me all of the time. (It means they loooove you.) My little guy Cheeseburger-Watson likes to go under my hair and groom the back of my neck.
She's biting down hard and she's not being startled by anything other than what she's dreaming about I guess! She'll spend most of her day in there, no issues, but this is the 2nd time I've gotten a good nip after she's had an 'active dream'.

And yup, she does the same thing! (Think she has dreams of being a rat hairdresser or something, she does a marvelous 'spiky do' with the hair just above my ear. Hilarious, with those wee paws batting away at the speed of sound!)
Hmm. If she keeps it up, maybe a stern "NO!" and a boop on the nose. Rats are really smart. Maybe look over the "Immersion" sticky that Rat Daddy made. :)
I was thinking the same thing, but really don't think she realizes she's doing it. I actually think she's biting IN her sleep, so I'd feel horrible giving her a bop. :(

(And, trust me, the 'AHHH! UNHAND ME YOU VICIOUS RODENT!' screech I let out today would have let her know I wasn't impressed. But, don't think she thinks it's aimed at her, after all, she's an innocent party, 'out like a light Mum! What's that you're upset about? Do you need me to have a word with the Doberman at the end of the bed?')

Black Skin Hand Close-up Muscle

Skin Nose Ferret Snout Leg

This is her, as we speak, wook at those wittle toes! That wittle face!! And, this is her norm, snuggled in, happy as a clam.
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Hahahaha, you're awesome. I laughed so hard at your response. So cute.

Yeah, maybe she's just dreaming about yummy treats and if your hand is near, bam!

It's like dreaming you're playing soccer(football) or something in your sleep and you wake yourself up because you're kicking. Hahaha.
Plus, umm, she DOES think that the Doberman belongs to her. Could be because poor Piper runs like a girl whenever Riddles decides to get into a playful mood.


YES MA'AM!! - 80 pound Doberman

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