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Okay. Long story short my older sister ended up with a baby rat from a horrible pet store with nonexistent pet care. Which is why this has me so worried. My younger sister had gotten a rat from there and her rat also was sneezing a lot, and that rat is dead now. And it has me scared that this girl is going to go down the same path!
My older sister has already researched some possible causes. But I figured I'd see if anyone here might have some clue as to what's wrong.
The rat seems healthy, save for the sneezing. She's a really sweet and active rat. But her sneezing just isn't getting any better.
We tried changing the litter we use, to no avail. We also tried moving her to a different place, and again, to no avail.
She's not sneezing anything up, it's just a dry sneeze. But it's not getting any better and due to where she came from, I'm really worried about it.
Our money is tight this month so we can't take her to any vet until we get paid at the end of the month.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I'm going to write in more detail about this pet store in the rant area for anyone interested. The place is called Petland (located in Albuquerque New Mexico) and their care for their pets is awful! Please avoid this place at all costs!
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