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Baby rats :p

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My rat Peanut gave birth to 6 of the most adorable baby rats ever and I never thought I would love having rats as a pet lol.
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I was just blessed with rat babies myself! These two are my favorites!

Muridae Rat Mouse Gerbil Rodent
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Rat babies ARE so cute. I had rats as pets as a child, so I was not totally horrified by this.. but my husband and I found babies in a heavily squirrel populated area, so we thought they were squirrels. They were scattered on the ground in a gutter, covered in biting ants. We got the ants off of them and tried to get them to heat. There was no den we could find and, since we thought they were squirrels, we thought they had fallen out of a tree. Anyhow, ONE has survived the bites and is thriving and we have discovered as it is getting fur, that its a rat, not a squirrel. SO not sure what to do now! I love the little thing, because I have been waking every 2 hours to make sure it is fed and warm. .. but we have small children and I don't want to keep a wild rat as a pet, if it might bite them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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