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Back from the vet!

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I just got back from taking Curly and Charlotte to the vet.....they're both in great health!

Curly has been tearing himself up a LOT lately though, around the face and throat to the point that it's not just scratches anymore, some of them are looking like sores, but they did a skin test and didn't find any mites or anything, so they dont know whats going on, but gave me some stuff to put on it, and if that doesn't work, then I'm going to take him back for some Revolution.

Charlotte was so good! She didn't fuss at all when the vet picked her up, in fact, she was downright friendly. She's been eating well, which I was glad to hear, and aside from some bare patches on her back (she had them when I got her - they're growing back now!) she's totally healthy. She's been more friendly since I got her home too - didn't fight me when I took her out of hte carrier, didn't squiggle around in my hands......did a skin test on her, and didn't find any mites there, either! Yay!

$100 well spent, I think.

If anyone in the Seattle area needs a rat vet, I really highly recommend Dr. Karen Obegi at Roosevelt Animal Hospital :)
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I apologize if I've already asked this, but I've been away a couple of days and I've lost track a bit - is there anything in Curly's cage that could be making him itch? Anything that you've washed in laundry detergent? Another itch creator is too much protein in his diet?

Glad to hear the vet gave them a clean bill of health - that must be a great relief for you! :) Just two more to go in, right?
Good luck! :lol:
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