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Back From The Vets

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Well, I took Jay in today to check what the lump on his inner thigh was...The vet said that it is most likey a tumor rather than an abscess. He said that since Jay is a couple months shy of 2 years that it is very common and that I can either have it removed which would cost a couple hundred bucks (with chances of it coming back later on down the road or him passing away since he is an older rat) or I can let him live out the rest of his life happily with his best friend Silent Bob. :cry: The vet said to have a sample sent to a lab would cost $50 alone and from there I could choose to do the surgery or not. The vet said that with or without the tumor, Jay will be able to have another 6 months+. I would love to get it removed and hope that he lives for another year or two, but thats alot of money. I have been thinking maybe it would just be best to just let him live out the rest of his life as he is and if or when it becomes to much for him I can have him put down. I don't know. Right now Jay is doing just fine and the lump is VERY small, you cant even see it, you have to feel around to find it. Its not causing him any discomfort and I hope it never does.
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Aww! I'm sorry for the bad news D:

Something you MAY Consider if you go on the live and let live track is holistic remedies. These aren't guaranteed to work but there are lots that will fight cancer causing cells. Coenzym Q-10 is a wonderful very powerful antioxident you could try. I had a friend with a lump on her neck and when she took this on a regular basis, the lump went away. Yeah it wasn't smart of her not to go see a doctor about it and who knows what that lump was but when she took it, the lump shrunk, when she was off of it, the lump grew.

I didn't really think of trying it till it was too late with Joshu D:
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