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Bad respiratory infection

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Hey everyone. So about a year and a half ago I saved a little pinkie from being snake food and raised him to be the 1.5 pounder he is today. Micheal has gotten really sick in the last week. Lethargy, weezing and not eating. So I took him to the vet even though I knew It would hurt financially. But there's absolutely no way I could have watched my little man suffer like that as it got to the point he was mouth breathing.

So the vet tells me he's in advanced stages of a bad pneumonia. That the chances of him pulling through are like 8% and I should probably think about putting him to sleep. After putting down one of my girls due to a horrible brain tumor, I couldn't bring myself to let Micheal go without a fighting chance.

He prescribed me .8ml of baytril suspended in water orally twice a day. They treated him for fur mites as his immune system is so impaired that he can't fight off the paracites. They gave him the first dose so I could see how to administer the antibiotic. He did not like that one bit. So that night I gave him his nightly dose. He fought me the whole time but I got him to down it all.

As of today he's still kicking. His breathing is crackly. His nose is running thick yellow fluid and he's mouth breathing heavily. He's just suffering so badly right now just trying to breathe. It's so heartbreaking. Yesterday while trying to give him a morning dose of the antibiotic he struggled so badly he stopped breathing. I swear on my life I thought I had killed him. He exerted so much energy trying to fight the suringe that he couldn't catch his breath. He bit down hard on the towel and twitched violently then went limp. I was in the process of having a break down when I noticed he must have came back to it and took a few deep breaths still looking lifeless. He eventually crawled into his cage and I let him be too relax.

I just can't do that again. I'm afraid to give him the medicine and he won't let me hold him without beginning to panic. I see him occasionally get water while trying to catch his breath in between sips. This is horrible.

I'm surprised he's still alive to be honest. So I guess what my real question is what can I do. Can I get him to take the medicine without having him passing out from oxygen deprivation or over stressing. Or should i let him die peacefully by being put to sleep. I'm willing to do what's right. I knew this battle was going to be a struggle. And there's a chance he's too far in this for antibiotics to work anyway. I'm just kinda lost. Please help

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