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My rats aren't overly happy about the baytril. The first time I gave it to them I did it as the vet suggested, crushed and mixed with 1cc of water in a syringe (no needle) and feed it to them. Yeah right! They didn't want any part of that.

Well it was late at night and I didn't have much on hand so I was looking through the refrigerator trying to find something and my husband had a can of Ensure in there (he has kidney issues and gets these little free samples) so I opened that up and tried mixing it with that instead of water. One of them had a little bit of it but the others wouldn't touch it. So then we moved onto plain yogurt. Long story short, that was a no as well. I didn't have any flavored yogurt at the time.

I did have a jar of babyfood and that ended up being the winner! Now a few days later they are all taking their meds fine, twice a day. So far the best flavor they like with the baytril is Peahces, Oatmeal and Cinnamon. I tried the Apples and Blueberries and they wouldn't go near it. We also did Apples and Bananas and that seems to be "OK" but they really prefer the peaches, oatmeal and cinnamon. :lol:

I put a little honey into the tetracycline water and they drink it so fast I worry about too much water! lol

Does anyone else have some stories about Baytril? I'm always looking to learn new things about taking care of rats!

EDIT: Sorry just remembered something else I was going to ask about Tetracycline, I'm reading that you shouldn't give them any dairy while they take tetracycline as it will not absorb properly, etc. Well big OOPS there, my guys get yogi treats everyday. Should I stop giving them yogi drops while they are being treated with tetracycline?

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With my newly neutered boy Rokk, I just mix it up in a little bit of oatmeal. Yesterday I used plain oatmeal and he scarfed that up, but today I used some peaches and cream oatmeal and he LOVED it! I knew he wouldn't be having any part of squirting it into his mouth per the vet's instruction, so I didn't even bother trying that. Since we have lots of flavors of oatmeal, I can keep mixing it up so he doesn't get bored with one flavor. I love that taking his medicine is a treat for him! :)
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