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Bedding - please help

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Hi guys, yet another topic by me (sorry)!

I noticed that in a lot of your 'meet my rat' pictures, that your cages are lined with carpet or material. The man in the pet shop gave me 'megasorb' (spelling?), and I naturally lined the bottom of the cage with it. On the top level (my cage has a shelf level), I put soft shredded paper bedding.

I was wondering whether I was right or wrong to line the whole lower level with this 'megasorb' stuff, would material not get dirty/smelly?

In one particular picture I noticed there was a tupperware type box filled with what looked like this megasord material, that type of thing.

I'd appreciate feedback :D
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Just to sound off, I use care fresh. Even with quite a few rats in the cage it lasts pretty well and mostly keeps the odors down. Just stay away from woods, especially aromotics like cedar. Those are really bad for them. I've read the ash or pine are non-aromatic and thus safe, but I have one rat in particular that seems to have a sensative upper-resperatory system and didn't handle pine very well when she was younger, so I've been using carefresh since she was a baby. Personally, stuff like carefresh or yesterdays news are some of the best as far as I've been able to discern. I'm not really sure what the megasorb is so I can't really comment, though if I didn't think I'd have to wash it every other day I wouldn't mind just using something like carpet or fabric. Even cleaning it doesn't bug me, except Punk gets a little territorial about the cage sometimes and nips at me if my had is there too long (only inside the cage).
you are absolutely correct. I went and asked someone who was around at the time and it was aspen not pine. We know that because they were and still are using it for their mice. I had to switch to carefresh because she didn't even handle the aspen well. I never used pine it turns out. Just aspen (for a whole week or so) and then switched to carefresh.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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