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Bedding - please help

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Hi guys, yet another topic by me (sorry)!

I noticed that in a lot of your 'meet my rat' pictures, that your cages are lined with carpet or material. The man in the pet shop gave me 'megasorb' (spelling?), and I naturally lined the bottom of the cage with it. On the top level (my cage has a shelf level), I put soft shredded paper bedding.

I was wondering whether I was right or wrong to line the whole lower level with this 'megasorb' stuff, would material not get dirty/smelly?

In one particular picture I noticed there was a tupperware type box filled with what looked like this megasord material, that type of thing.

I'd appreciate feedback :D
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Megasorb is weird, it's like balled up paper kinda. It's like kitty litter in the sense that you can just take out the soiled stuff.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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