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Bedding snubbing rat!

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I have this bedding stuff called 'Big Bag O' Bedding'. It's cottony stuff. I bought it the day I bought Betty and she never really liked it much then, she just kind of shoved it out of her nest. But now she's taken it a step further, she puts it in her litter box! I've tried other beddings too (like cloth) and she always puts it in her litter box. She only likes toilet paper. I've never had a rat this neat and particular about things! It's kind of unnerving that my rat is cleaner than I am. :roll: So I don't really have a question, I just found that amusing and thought I'd share.
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lilspaz68 said:
Hmmm don't mean to rain on your parade but I think that cottony bedding stuff is actually not good for rats. I was told they can catch their feet in it and get hurt.
Well obviously Betty knows more than I do and was trying to tell me something. :D I gave the rest of the bag to my sister for her hammy. It's really soft and tears apart as easily as the tp so I'm not too worried. But I'll tell her and let her make up her own mind.

Also, I do leave all of Betty's bedding out to put in herself! I actually put the cotton stuff at the top of the cage and she still felt the need to 'discard of it'.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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