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hi, is there any suggestions on what is the best type of litter to keep rats on.

as amonia created by the rats urine causes major respiratory problems and therefore a bedding is needed that a) absorbs the amonia and stops the smell and b) is dust free.

any suggestions???
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twitch said:
i use yesterday's news cat litter. if you buy from a feed store you can get a big 30 lbs bag that will last me (having 6 rats in a 2 tier chinchillla cage) a little over a month for $15 canadian. which is about half of what i would pay anywhere else. especially pet stores-- the inflation on their stuff is nuts! in any case, i find yesterday's news is the best to use. the aspen i find doesn't absorb the odour as well and the carefresh i find doesn't last as long (more expensive for less).
cat litter is the best i started using it 2 months ago and ive still got half a bag its amazing stuff tottaly stops the smells and is cheap!! woop go cat litter!! hehe
no i dont use dusty cat litter i use the pellets they are great
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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