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ok so ive had conflicting information. I know cedar bedding is a complete and utter no no. pine bedding and aspen are better but not so great either. What kind of bedding would you recommend over everything else? I've been using cell sorb anyone else ever use it? And what about carefresh? The problem is that i have three cages in which i need to use the bedding, my rat cage, which is a pretty big cage, my glider cage which is a parrot cage, and my bird cage which is also relatively big. I get the big 28lb bag of the stuff and it lasts maybe two changings before i have to go back and buy more... so im looking for a good bedding that's also going to last a bit. Is cell sorb my best bet? :?
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awesome!~ see now thats what im talking about 3-5 dollars is perfect. I think we'll be making a field trip today!! :p thanks!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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