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This is Beelzebub, a PEW little boy. I adopted him with his litter mate, Azazel. The local pet store, as there are very little rats available where I live and certainly no breeders, I acquired them from said the litter was about 12-13 weeks old.
Beelzebub was the skittish one of the two boys, and tried to nip me when I reached for him, but a day later he is sleeping in my palm, even as a baby screams in the room with me. Still not as loving as his brother already is, but I have high hopes for the darling.
He has a crooked left ear, and a small red mark on his tail, which I assume to be a small scab from a tiff with the other rats.
His name is of a demon, as his brother has an angel's name, but while Beelzebub is a sweet heart now, he certainly is the little hellion, despite his adorable sleeping face.

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