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Bert's thread! New pics page 2!

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So a week ago I went to the pet store for some rat food and came across and loving cute hairless boy. I resisted temptation but going there again, the little guy was still there O_O He seemed healthy and LOVES people, he is incredibly social and INCREDIBLY curious and playful. I couldn't pass this lover up even after reading hairless tend to be more prone to health problems D: But here he is:

Oh and that is the quarantine cage, I have a larger wire cage but plan on making a HUGE wire cage next weekend XD I have plans on it being multistory and it will have to house three rats after quarentine is up. Yeah I know no aquariums but that is the only spare cage I have and I will keep it clean. It will only be a couple of weeks anyway.

And yes it also has a wire mesh top secured with cage clips.

So any ideas on names? He is very spunky curious and outgoing. He does still seem a little timid, usually when he spots a cat but he's comming around to his surroundings and seems to love it here.
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Re: New boy... still needs a name

what about luke? i always liked that name and thought of naming one of my boys that but they don't look like luke's he does to me though
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