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Best chew-proof water bottle?

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Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any chew proof water bottles for rats they would recommend? My girls started chewing their plastic one and flooding their cage, so I got the Kaytee Chew Proof glass water bottle. I keep having to take them back though because they never stop dripping when I fill them up and end up flooding the cage anyways...ugh! Any recommendations on what everyone uses would be super amazing!
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How did you have the plastic bottles attached to the cage, inside or outside? I've never had any issue with the plastic bottles that hang outside the cage. I dislike the glass bottles because of the incessant dripping and the spouts tend to rust quickly. If you were hanging the bottle outside the cage previously and they were chewing it through the bars, you might consider making some sort of barrier between the cage and the bottle.
I like the lixit valve bottles that attach from outside of the cage. Takes a bit for them to learn it, but no leaks at all.
I've always had mine outside the cage and no problems at all. I'ts also really easy to refill their bottle, you don't even have to open the cage.
I have mine outside but if u have to have it inside try the chew proof metal gard

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