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Hi there I hope this is the right place but I’m new here so not sure, I have 4 rats and one of them has always been really sensitive to some bedding especially Carefresh, I’ve tried fleece many times but I rescued him and his brother from an abusive owner and litter training them just seems impossible now as many times as I’ve tried. When I initially got them I used bio Catolet and it seemed fine but I’ve recently changed back to it and it had quite a strong scent, I emailed the company and got this as a reply:

Thank you for your email the perfumes is a poor translation the correct reference is fragrance which are mixture vegetable and fruit. There are no toxic ingredients added to the paper when made into pellets.

The reason for adding these fragrances is to mast what the cat leaves in the litter tray and reduce any smells.”

Any opinions on the bio Catolet or tips on bedding/substrate/nesting for a sensitive rat would be amazing thankyou
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