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Bitey rat

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One of our rats, Loco, bites me every time I try to get her out of her cage, but she doesn't attack Mum at all. It really upsets me as she was originally mine and now seems terrified of me. Any ideas what I can do? Our other rats are fine with me, and usually come running when I go anywhere near their cages.
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loco only started doing this a couple of weeks ago... and it was when beckoned moved back in with me. she doesnt use handcream, i do, and only after washing dishes. i'm the rat mummy and i do the feeding and cleaning (which i need to do when i've finished this). i just swoop in and pick her and ginger up, whoever is the closest to the door gets picked up first, then the other. we think loco is about 9-10 months old.

she has taken a couple of nips at me... one of them was pretty hard but didnt break the skin, but beckoned is really upset because loco is her rat and when she bit, loco broke the skin.
I'm pretty sure it was. I hope it's only that she's territorial over Mum and her cage, then it means it isn't a problem with me.

*Edit* Err, this is beckoned by the way. Apparently my computer is set to log Mum in automatically, lol.
beckoned wont get loco out of the cage any more, which means if she gets all the rats out, loco is left on her own until i get her. she has gone to my grandmothers to housesit for the next 2 1/2 weeks, then on to my mothers for a month of housesitting there, so there wont be any bonding done at all.

i wasnt home the other night, so beckoned had to feed the ratties, but apparently she made sure loco wasnt within striking range before she put the plate in that cage...
no, i really think its to do with loco being possessive of her cage and me, although she does bite me sometimes. beckoned really isnt here all that much so the ratties think i'm their mum, and they all gravitate to me anyway.

beckoned wants to get a couple more ratties when she's finished with her housesitting, and those rats will be hers alone. i wont handle them unless i have to... how hard will that be...
yeah, me too. beckoned gets upset when the ratties dont want anything to do with her, after all, it was her idea to get them in the first place, and loco is her rat. this is why, if she gets more, i will resist the urge to even look at them...
beckoned wanted me to let you all know that she can now get loco out of the cage... as long as loco isnt in a corner, asleep or in a box!!
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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