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Biting Boys - Need Advice!

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I rescued two 6 month PEW boys this past Sunday, Herbert and Edgar, And they keep Biting. Each time I've offered my fingers for them to smell, they attempt to bite at me and have gotten me twice both drawing blood. They've accepted food, but have been extremely skittish and are mostly hiding in their Hammocks throughout the day. I don't know if they're just Anxious and Afraid or if it's Aggression. Their previous owner didn't seem to have handed them much, and when I first held them they didn't nip or bite but once I got them home in their cage it's started. I've had 3 rats in the past, and I've never seen this behavior. Please help! any tips about how to better hand train them and how to give them free roam when they bite and won't leave the cage?
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Hi and welcome! It could be hormonal, or if your new boys haven't been handled much, they are probably just being defensive. Drawing blood means they are afraid and don't want to interact yet. Don't put your fingers near their faces for now. Try feeding a wet treat like cereal or baby food on a metal spoon, and encourage them to come to the front of the cage for their treat. They will learn to not bite the spoon, and you'll be able to talk to them and let them see you better and smell you (they have rather poor eyesight). As they learn who you are, and how to lick the treat, you'll see them start to relax. It can take weeks for them to become familiar and feel safe in their new home. Time, it just takes time.
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