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Biting or Playing?

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Buddy likes to nibble on our finger nails and we never thought anything aout it. Our last rat Oz did this. But here recently he started nibbling a little harder and would try to pull our fingers into the cage.

If we pulled our fingers away he would hop back into his cage and hop back out. He would do this several times.

Is he playing?
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wow great timing on this thread.. I was just going to post a new topic asking this very question. I have three new young males (I have had rats for abt 4 yrs now).. anyway these new rats I have had about 3 weeks now and they are getting where they likeot come out and even be held. BUT one of them does do exactly what is beign stated here. I wil put my hands at the open door he wil grab my finger where I can feel his teeth (tooth) but never more then a slight pressure. I mean heck he can or coudl put a hole in my finger at that point but I have let him keep sniffing my hand and he will do that little nibble bit serveral different places. I have washed my hands to se if that makes him stop but does nto seem to be any change still puts his mouth on my fingers..

Keep werid as I feel i am getting set up <g> but as stated he has never done more thena slight pressure never even close to breaking skin..

Ok .. some of you say he is testig me.. What for? I mean what kind of test? To see if i draw back my hand?? How can you break them I doubt I can eek or squeak <g> but what I did do it take my other finger and gently bop him in the nose he jumped back and then just came back to doit again.. it almost seems like playing .. I have had 3 other rats and they never did this little game
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