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My sweet little girls have grown old and even though they're both doing well it won't be long until one leaves the other lonely. It was a good time to introduce to them a couple of youngsters, and so I found these two yesterday.

The one on the bottom isn't feeling 100%. She has spent most of her time laying around and pondering the changes, but will periodically get up to clean herself and come to the door for a visit. The white fur that surrounds her black eyes makes them look bigger than usual, she looks so sweet and innocent. She reminds me so much of Gretchen, who's life was cut short by megacolon, in both looks and personality. I'm considering naming this one after Gretchen in honor of her memory and the life she wasn't able to live.

The one on top is active and curious, she licks food from my fingers and ventures out of the carrier a little at a time. She has a rounder skull than most dumbos and her ears curve up and come to a slight point, it's so cute that it almost hurts to look at. She doesn't have a name yet, but we've been calling her Muddy, Mud, and Dirt-face affectionately.

Mitzy and Marceline opened their hearts to the little ones immediately. They prefer to stay in the blanket-stuffed travel cage they came home in, so for the night I made room inside the CN and the four of them snuggled in the little carrier all night. The old girls actually got nervous and started pacing the cage as I took the carrier out this morning.

They don't sneeze much but Gretchen's are a bit more frequent and sometimes wet. The vet can't see them today so they will surely go in next week to get that all straightened out. That Fish Place, the pet store they came from, was the least offensive I've seen so far; None were sold as feeders, no more than two were housed together, they were fed Oxbow, and instead of pulling the rats out by their tails the woman scooped them up and held them close. During previous visits to the store I've even seen rats who weren't yet for sale because they were undergoing treatment. Unfortunately they were kept in tanks with poor ventilation, but they were strikingly clean and the way every rat's tail was spotless and pink must mean that they keep up with them.

I have the whole weekend to spend with my rat family and it's new members before going back to work, I hope they really start to open up in this time. C:


Mitzy (Himalayan) and Marceline "Dolly" (Black Berkshire)

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