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Only just recently my female rat has been very bossy and aggressive towards my male rat. She is a first time mother at this current time, and he is desexed.

I posted a thread not long ago about her biting and untouchable-ness behaviour, however this problem was solved.

They have been kept together through the first week of her having her litter, however only yesterday and today have been the problem.

Within the past two days, she has been biting him, depriving him of his food, and just generally shunning him. Another thing is that she keeps burying her head in his crotch... He's been desexed for almost two months now, and I think that maybe she is on heat and getting shirty with him, because he can't actually do anything...

Despite this, I thought that female rats could be impregnanted within 24 hours of them giving birth, so if she is on heat, then she would have done it sooner...

I'm so very confused... Please help x)

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