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BOY PICS!! (No pics of the girls, yet)

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These are rather old pictures I have on my rat's myspace page. (Yes, they have a myspace)

Anyway, here's some pics <3
That's Cody, playing in his stocking (actually, it's my stocking, but we won't tell him)
Jack and his "Don't hate me 'cause I'm squishy" pose =)
A really old picture of Zeke, he was kinda an ugly baby, but he's much prettier now.
Roan, our newest boy. He's been with us about a month now.
Jack and Roan sleeping in the hammock. Jack took our move kinda hard and it stressed him out, and Roan was right by his side the whole time :lol: AWWW!
The boy's first time outside!!
Jack didn't go outside because he needed some time alone (it was right after we moved) but Roan, Zeke and Cody loved it!
Roan found something good to eat =)
My all-time favorite picture of Cody! <3
Yup, those are my boys. The girls pics will have to wait a little bit, since my camera isn't working. =/
Jack and Cody have been inseparable since they were about a month old each.
Cody's my first, and easily my favorite =)
Cody's favorite spot
Sleepy time!
Toodles! Hope you enjoyed!
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