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Hi i’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 months now. We met at work but he left before we started dating. For around a month we had a few arguments. Then i moved in with him. Just to add he’s african and basically he’s hit me on numerous occasions. But he says in his culture the men have to hit women , cheat on them if they don’t give them sex. I’m not exactly sure it’s true. However i told him if he hit me i’d hit him back and he didn’t like it. So he hasn’t hit me for a long time. The only thing he does is complain to me about the most pettiest things and he said i should be scared of him which i’m not. But around 5 minutes after he complains or starts shouting at me he says he loves me. I’ve left him and gone back to him because I love him. But i’m confused the way he is as a person is that his culture or is he abusing me I have no idea. Because 98% of the time we are okay it’s just sometimes he shouts and complains. He treats me well he buys me things he comforts me. However sometimes i say things like my family aren’t okay and he says i should grow up and accept it and shouldn’t stress about my family as it’s just life. He said i shouldn’t get sad over my family and i need to grow up about it which i’ve not grown up to do so is this another african/christianity thing. He grew up in islam but converted to christianity. I just don’t know i love him but i question it sometimes but is it just his culture i don’t know someone help please 😂
21 - 23 of 23 Posts