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Well its offically been two weeks since I got my rattie boys and they are doing great. Healthy and active and just simpley hilarious to watch. Although at night...ya im up pretty much all night listening to them play but that ok...Its what I expected haha.

My problem is this..

Recently they seem to be fighting at night and becoming very territorial of certain parts of the cage. The 2nd level is neutral, no issues ever occur there. Its the shoebox i have for a house. Dego always gets there first and never lets Kinq in. Kinq usually goes behind the shoebox and chills there with his food. But as soon as he comes near the entrance of the shoe box they fight. Usually only a couple of seconds and a few squeaks involved...no biggy.

But at night....they are constantly "arguing". And it goes on forever. I ususally wait and turn on the light to catch them in the action but as soon as they see movement from me they are silent.

Its not playful squeeks I dont think. They are loud and sound terrible. But there is never any fur missing or any blood drawn so are they just rough housing or is this something more?
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