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Since my mischief has gotten so large (9 rats is a lot for me!), I figured I'd update with pictures (especially now that I got a new phone with a camera that isn't dying on me!

Art Cage Street art Graffiti
Romeo, Biscuit, Jellybean, and Shadow all trying to squeeze into one hammock.

Cage Rat Muridae Muroidea Hamster
Shadow curled up and not wanting me to take any more pictures while Romeo peeks out wondering what's going on.
Cage Rat Muridae Muroidea
Just now, the bratty boys pulled a bag into their cage (it was removed quickly after). Shadow's there in the front on the left, Biscuit is behind him, Bolt is on the floor there on the right (you can tell its him by the stripe on his side) and Jellybean is climbing the side of the cage on the far right.

Cage Metal Art
Romeo was sleeping while the others were causing trouble; Jellybean came up to see what I was taking pictures for.

Rat Muridae Rodent Muroidea Gerbil
Biscuit on the bed; I was trying to get him to pose on a tiny play couch, but that didn't work so well.

Rat Mammal Mouse Muridae Rodent
Jellybean enjoying a treat.

Cage Animal shelter Net Dog crate Pet supply
New babies in the birdcage, still no names; this was before the new DCN was set (back) up for them.

Cage Animal shelter Muridae Rat Degu
Bonus picture of Calcifer; he hopped into the rat cage when I was in the middle of trying to take it apart to clean it the other day, haha.


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Wow nine. I have four and even that is quite they handful.
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