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If you look under one of my posts on here about girls and boy i have a poll going and some people have put down their imput?? maybe that can help??

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Here are some generalities

a lot become quite lazy and cuddly and will just hang out with you
not as likely to get mammary tumours as the females

the slighty musky smell intact males produce might bother some people along with the buck grease
most aren't as active and harder to keep in shape
can mark more than females
they can get hormonally aggressive during young adulthood and some may require neutering.

can be cleaner, usually smaller
very active and inquisitive

they can get into more trouble since they are that much more active
they are always on the go, so a lot of girls do not have long cuddle sessions (much better things to do ;))
they are prone to mammary tumours :(

It all depends on what suits you. I love the female's nature personally and have some real cuddlebugs myself, but the boys have their own appeal. I know people who prefer males since all that energy that I like would drive them crazy. Don't try to keep females on a bed, they are always exploring and will find their way off as soon as you leave them alone for too long. They get bored. :roll:
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