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breeding petstore rats

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i'm on F3 cross on petstore lineage and none of them has had breathing issues at all. just wating for the F4 to become old enough.to breed them. does anyone know how to get a male interested in breeding? because this male i have from my first cross doesn't want to and he ignores the females. oh BTW i am inbreeding them and no problems have occured thus far in the F4.

"Inbreeding is defined by Merriam-Webster as:
1: the interbreeding of closely related individuals especially to preserve and fix desirable characters of and to eliminate unfavorable characters from a stock
Inbreeding is used extensively in the breeding of many species and can be used either to set a positive trait or identify a potentially negative trait depending upon the choices made.
When two unknown rats, or even rats from different known lines, are brought together for a breeding the offspring may all appear to be robust and free of any unwanted genetic issues.

Test breeding the siblings and/or breeding an offspring back to the parent can help to identify undesirable traits by doubling up on the reccesives of the two different parents.

It is said, by some, that test breeding can create offspring with genetic issues. This is true at times, and yet it is important that this be done so that the health and viability of the new line can be evaluated and possibly discontinued if there are problems.
Without multiple close test breeding negative recessive traits are swept under the rug and may be perpetuated indefinitely only to resurface later in a much larger gene pool."

"In laboratories a line is not even considered inbreed until the 20th generation. Inbred lab strains are often achieved by breeding brother to sister in each generation."

also if anyone needs help as far as genetics go or anything to do with breeding i can help also.
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3 words on breeding petstore rats: Don't try it.
XD Nice.
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