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Building Ramps for DCN and safe stain?

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Hi All.
So my girls are getting to the point where climbing the bars isn't their best skill. I was thinking I'd like to make a switch back ramps, almost a maze if you will, of ramps to go over the cage.
I know may use ropes, but I couldn't figure out something that worked when they were young, and now they don't like anything that moves. Has anyone else built ramps from wood? Care to share your experience or thoughts? To make sure they'll last a while, I want to stain them as well. So Will need safe stain. Thanks!
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I wouldn't bother trying to stain or varnish them. Your rats will likely chew on them and stain/varnish doesn't protect from urine anyway. Urine can soak into varnish.

If you use wood, I'd suggest making them easy to put on and take off when they need some sort of cleaning.
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Switch back ramps sound cool! Wood can definitely be a pain to clean though. I have wood ledges and plastic ones in my rat cage and find the plastic ones a lot easier to keep clean. Pics below of some plastic ledges I made out of drawer organizers from a dollar store. If you had a lot of them they could be set up in a switchback pattern!
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If you Google Ferplast Fpi 4903 Ladder you might find something you are looking for.
I'm from Europe but there must be something similar in Canada I think?
Good luck!
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