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I'm having issues with my ratty dynamics since my Magic passed away. I bought 3 babies all together and have had them for 2 years nearly. (Along with a rat I previously had who was a year old already)
Mushu has always kind of been a bully and not very sociable. She always steals food from the others just hide it. She hides all food. She bullys Monkey the worst however. She nips at her but doesn't break skin. She power grooms her frequently and is generally just a pest.

This wasn't so bad when I had 4 rats but 2 have passed away and have left Mushu and Monkey who really don't get on. When Magic was alive at least Monkey had a friend.

I fear Monkey may become depressed but I'm not sure what to do.
They both mainly sleep alone now and it's very sad. When Magic was alive they all slept together.
I miss Magic, my ratty glue. :(

Anything I can do to help?
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