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Are you- or do you know anyone else who is- buying or selling a home? If so, you can help The Travelin' Rat, at NO additional cost to you- AND get a top-rated realtor on your side!
I’m writing to let you know about an entirely new way for you to support The Travelin’ Rat.
Our new fundraising partner, Agent Match Me, gives you the power to make a big donation at zero cost when you buy or sell a home.
Agent Match Me connects our supporters with the best-in-market real estate agents who donate 15% of their fee to The Travelin’ Rat. You choose the agent you like best.
The best part? It costs The Travelin’ Rat and our supporters nothing.
Donations come from the caring, qualified agents you work with.
This innovative service can generate significant contributions towards our mission of helping rescues wherever we can.
If you are buying or selling real estate, contact Agent Match Me to locate the best agent for your needs and arrange their contribution to The Travelin’ Rat. And, please think about who you know that is considering buying or selling real estate. Then ask them to contact Agent Match Me and support The Travelin’ Rat.
With much gratitude for your support,
The Travelin’ Rat
Agent Match Me can find a better agent than you can. Why you should care:
The right agent can get Sellers as much as 20% more
Buyers have the inside track – getting the home they love
Your favorite charity gets a donation
Sellers get a tax deduction
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