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This happened back in October, but I never did post about it till now. My beloved Fatty has gone over the rainbow bridge. He was my second rat, brought him home just a few weeks after Tofu. He was with us for little over a year. It was sudden when he passed, other than him being a larger rat there were no signs of him being ill whatsoever. The night before he passed he was very lethargic, always retreating to one corner of the couch to nap, and the following evening he closed his eyes and passed. We cried and screamed, holding our little angel one final time and kissing the top of his beautiful head. His death brought forth the kind of emotional pain that makes you shake and sob, we didn't know what to do. How could we look at the cage again and know he wasn't there? Button had just recently survived his surgery, we thought everything was finally turning out for the best, and without warning it was Fatty's time to go.

The following morning a gentleman came to pick Fatty up and about ten days later he came home again in a little wooden box with flowers carved onto the top. On the front is a little gold sign with his name, the date he came home, the date he left us, and a little message, "Don't forget your blue cardigan!". This may sound silly to some, just something my mind created to cope, but after days of wondering what would be best to put on his little box it came to me in a dream. We considered the usual, "Rest in Peace" or "You will always be missed". True statements, by all means, but I wanted to find something that was just for Fatty. I considered a simple "I'll always love you", as I always will. But in the end, a few days after Fatty had passed, I had a wonderful dream.

There I was, laying in my own bed, with my husband beside me. It was as though I was awake. I could see his steady breathing and the dim glow as a car drove by outside our window. Something was coming towards me, something small was running across the bed. It was Fatty! I told him, "Fatty! I'm so happy to see you again!" He chattered his teeth happily. "Are you doing well where you are?" He nodded his little head. "Are you eating enough?" He nodded again. "Do you have somewhere nice to sleep?" A nod in response. So finally I asked, "Is there anything I can do to make you happier?" He shivered and so I sat up in bed and knitted a tiny rat-sized blue cardigan. Fatty allowed me to slip the cardigan on and button it. He happily chattered his teeth, sniffed my husband's head, and waddled off along the comforter.

I still miss Fatty everyday. I still cry when I think about him and am crying as I write this. He was my little baby. He moved across the country with me. He even rode on an airplane! I feel blessed to have had an angel like Fatty in my life, even if it was for such a short time. Now that time has kept going, regardless of how I thought not another minute would pass without Fatty, it is slowly becoming easier. The day after Fatty's passing Tofu was acting very strangely, running up and down the cage levels and bringing shredded paper up to the top to then snuggle in. From that day on he lived with Button and the two have finally bonded. Fatty has come home, now living in our living room in a blue china cabinet where he can supervise as he always used to from atop the couch. The pain of his loss is still there and I will carry that with me for all my days, but having him home again and feeling his spirit with me is helping me pull through.

Wherever you are, my little angel, I hope you are happy, warm, well-fed, and wearing your blue cardigan! We love you and know we'll be together again someday.

Thank you for reading, I know this was long, but I felt it was finally time to share my Fatty's story. He may not live in my house anymore, but he lives on in my heart.
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