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a few pictures of my custom cage upgrade!

added a new wheel, and a wee house, and gave it a good clean with some new chips..

these chips are called " Super Shavin's " low aromatic Hemlock, spruce, fir . supposedly better than aspen. definately will be better than the carefresh i was using. much to expensive for weekly changes.

as you can see, i cut holes out in the shelving to be able to insert tupperwear plastic containers to use as food dishes and digging boxes. they tend to sleep in the upper box.

unfortunetly, Noodles is unable to stay in this cage with the other 2, as she is violent towards Maggie and mauls her at first glance ( she has suffered 2 wounds and was recently tried to be pulled through the cage as noodles grabbed her). Noodles has become one lonely rat in solitary confinement until she can learn to behave.


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