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Can a vet just tell?

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Can an experienced vet just 'know' that a rat has a pituitary tumor instead of an ear infection without additional diagnostics?
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Wow, interesting question. Even though they may be able to, if you are paying for their services they need to actually go through a diagnosis. With both pituitary tumors and ear infections, the rat may be tilting his/her head, so sometimes it can be hard to tell which it is if the tumor is too small to be seen from a distance. If the tumor is big enough to be seen and very large, sometimes the vet can comfortably make an immediate diagnosis. I personally would not be comfortable paying a vet to look at my animal and told told that “they just know.” If you can see a large tumor maybe that’s ok then.
I would say it depends on the symptoms. If the symptoms could point to either, they may suggest antibiotics to see if it clears up the symptoms. It also depends on their experience level with rats.
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I think if this is an experienced veterinarian in dealing with rats, then there is an opportunity. After all, you can determine this by the reviews of people who have already visited a particular specialist. By the way, I believe that a good veterinarian should be the best at handling specific animals. And if it comes to rats, he should love them and focus on studying their physiology. In fact, this is the position of a friend of mine who is currently taking veterinary courses at Online Vet Tech Programs . Yes, he teaches the rules of operating all animals, but he would like to concentrate on rats. He has 5 of them, and these are the only animals that he sees as his pets.
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