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Can anyone help me.

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I have 6 rats and 5 of them are very friendly with me it's just this one rat that I can not pick up. Even if I put my hand near her she goes for me. I have had rats in the past that have biten but became friendly once they got to know me and trust me. It's hard trying to feed, clean and get her out of the cage. Then once she is out it's trying to get her back in. Please can any of you help me. Lina. :(
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Yes, that's the best way to go. Lots of rewards for good behaviour, lots of trust training, patience and consistency.

Have you had her since a baby? If not, do you know her history or have any idea why she's biting. Does there seem to be a pattern to it, for example, when you pet other rats near her, at feeding time, when you give the other rats treats etc?
If you have only just moved her next to another cage of rats, it could be aggravating her a little.

Has she been on her own since you've had her? Perhaps she would improve with a cage mate? I know our two came on leaps and bounds when we were eventually able to put them together (after quarantine and introductions, etc).

Our eldest, who was also a bit of a biter, has also improved dramatically since we decided to trust her and have her out on the couch with us, for playtimes. When we first started having her out on the couch, we couldn't even pick her up very easily. It only took a few days before she would let me pick her up to put her back in her cage, when she was tired. Now, after just a few weeks, she will sit in my lap or the crook of my arm and let me scratch her back and whatnot... only for a minute or so, mind you, being a wriggly female and all! :lol:

It's hard to say without knowing your rat, but perhaps she is just a bit frustrated and needs you to take a chance on her? Also, if frustration is the issue, adding/changing chew toys in her cage might help...
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Sorry I'm not much help!

Rats usually bite for 3 reasons - fear, territorial or they mistake you for food. It doesn't sound like she's mistaking you for food, or that she's particularly scared (if she was doing it before you had her)... could it be that she is being territorial? Does she bite you when she's out of the cage, too?
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