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Can anyone help me.

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I have 6 rats and 5 of them are very friendly with me it's just this one rat that I can not pick up. Even if I put my hand near her she goes for me. I have had rats in the past that have biten but became friendly once they got to know me and trust me. It's hard trying to feed, clean and get her out of the cage. Then once she is out it's trying to get her back in. Please can any of you help me. Lina. :(
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i know that sometimes cats can develop an irrational fear of "the glove" and will attack it even when otherwise they have become nicer, so i don't usually recommend a glove for biters, but i know it works well for others. the towel was a good idea and i think you've got the hang of it! just keep up the love and be confident when you take her out, as being nervous when you hold her can cause concern for her and she may be more prone to biting when nervous as well.
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