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Can anyone help me.

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I have 6 rats and 5 of them are very friendly with me it's just this one rat that I can not pick up. Even if I put my hand near her she goes for me. I have had rats in the past that have biten but became friendly once they got to know me and trust me. It's hard trying to feed, clean and get her out of the cage. Then once she is out it's trying to get her back in. Please can any of you help me. Lina. :(
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I guess I could use my boyfriends biker gloves. I'm just scared it might make them more scared of me. He wont find it every funny when he goes to put on his gloves and they have holes in them. Lol. I could ask him if he has a spare pair.

Thanks for that I'll give it a go. :)
I could have a go at doing that. They go mad for rice crispies aswell. It will take her a bit coz every time she has a mouth full she will hide them in the cage. But I bet that is a good thing. So ye I'll have a go thanks.
Hi Donna, I got her of a friend. She said she had only just started doing it a while ago and was friendly b4 that. Her cage is about 40 cm from 2 of my other rats do you think that could be making her worse.
She has a cage mate. they get on fine.

I also have been putting more toys in her cage. I make my own most of the time so they have a change. The cage is big for the 2 of them so I might look at putting a few more toys in just in case.

Thanks for your help Lina.
Ye but not as much. She got out a few days a go and was sitting on top of her cage when I came down in the morning. I spoke to her and she knew I was there but when I put my hand near her she went for me. But if she had been there all night she would of classed it as hers I think. So it's more than likely territorial then.

Dont worry you have been a lot of help.
Ye I might try that. At the mo my poor dog is getting it all every time she walks past the cage the rat goes for her. I had to move the sofa so my dog knows to go the other way and not past the cage.
Hi all, She seems to be getting a little better at the mo. I just put a towel over my hand and let here walk on to my hand. She did bite the towel hard but just missed my finger. Once I got her out I kept stroking her and after a bit she started to enjoy it. I will have an other go at the same thing tomoz. It took her a few days just for her to get used to my hand being in her cage.

I tryed a glove but she just ran away. I keep it near just incase she gets out and I have to get her from under the sofa or somthing like that.

Thank you all for your help.
Just to say she is fine now and has not gone for me in a long time. I still keep a towel over my hand just incase she does go for me when I get her out of her cage. Once she is out she is such a cute friendly rat.
1 - 9 of 16 Posts
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