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I'm going to be fostering two orphaned babies soon. Please, any information will help. I have researched how to properly care for rats this young, I have bought a miracle nipple, small enough to feed baby squirrels. I bought a heating pad with no timer, and kitten powdered formula. A couple have already passed away, and I've done what I could to keep them alive. After a feeding, I would stimulate them to go to the bathroom by having warm water and Q-tips, and would also rub their tummies so that they can digest easier. I've read that fleece would be good to keep them nice and warm, but I've also read that it isn't exactly best because fleece will not absorb urine and would actually make them sick. Another problem is when I try to feed the babies, they would pull their mouths away from the nipple and just suckle air. I don't know how to keep them from doing this or how to not let them inhale the milk into their lungs. I know to feed them every 3 hours a day until the end of the second part of the week, which is normally 4 to 5 hours. Also, when I've read to feed them once in the middle of the night, what time specifically is this? Any information to keep my little ones alive from week 1 to 4 will be most appreciated.
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