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Cat litter

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I've read that rats can be trained to go in a specific area, and I know they sell little litter boxes to put in their cages. I also know that cat litter is not good for rats, but I've only seen that in reference to using it as a substitute for other bedding, so my question is, would it be okay to put in a rat's litter box? I ask because I have some cats, and it would be more convenient if I could just use a little cat litter for my rat's box ^_^
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Definite no on that. Rats love to 'test' everything in their environment by nibbling and sometimes ingesting things. This can be extremely harmful with cat litter (not only for rats, but for all small animals) since it clumps and would harden into a firm mass in their stomach. It would have to be removed via surgery.

Yesterday's News is a safe alternative.
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