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cats with rat?

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My daughter has fallen in love with my rats. She would love to get a pair of rats, but she has a male cat about 3 years old. Does anyone here have cats too?? We are wondering if her cat would just spend all day trying to get at the rats if she were to get some. We dont want the rats to be tormented all day. Her cat is very large and strong.... so we are not so sure. Is there a way to socialize the cat to rats? Thanks friends.. cindy :?
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when i lived with my parents we had four cats along with my rats. I remember the day i brought them home my cat punkin jumped up on the table and was sniffing them. Matilda grabbed her hair and tried to bite her where punkin promptly fell of the desk and never bothered them again. I'm guessing she told the other cats as well since they never bothered them either. hehe it made me laugh.
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