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Cheese Brothers

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Three 3-month old brothers adopted 6 weeks ago. (Birthday- 5/13/20)

Havarti is the biggest right now, very affectionate, sleeps the most, first to accept new food, rough play fighter, slowest learner but copies his brothers.


Manchego is the smallest, most aware of his surroundings, likes to bite and chew things and make nests (doesn't bite me anymore), likes to cuddle, very vocal when brothers wrestle with him.


Bleu is the smartest, first to figure out tricks and puzzles, most daring, constantly tries to jump on the dogs, most rambunctious, likes to run and pounce, ticklish, likes to be held the most, loves to stash food, expert climber.


They are so sweet, silly, and so different and they are loved very much.

I don't know too much about breeding terms, but Havarti and Bleu are rex dumbos and biological brothers. Manny has a smooth coat and regular ears, he is a couple days younger than the twins but they were all weaned in the same cage with their moms.


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They are all adorable and seem to have great personalities, they must be a blast to live with!
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That's a wonderful looking group!
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