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clear this up please

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Two of my fellow rat buddies can't agree on whos right and i'm staying out of it because my opinion is really differen't. They want to know if a shower is safe for your rats as long as the waters a nice temp and you don't step on them. Will the water give them a possible ear infection? (both their rats are water lovers lol really cute!) Help would be great!
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twitch - why would you even take them in the shower if they get freaked out, even if its just in the beginning. That is stress that is not needed. If you want to bond with them then just spend time with them. (outside of the shower) Their is no way that spending time with them in the shower helps you bond better then spending time with them anywhere else. Please stop putting your rats though that stress. As others have stated, you cant be sure that water isnt getting into their ears and that they are not inhaling it too. you just never know. and its better to be safe then sorry.
when you give them a regular bath you can hold their head out of the water and be careful to not get water in their face....in a shower you can't help but get water in their face......see my point.

like i said Better Safe Then Sorry!!!!!!!
Night - i think everyone agrees here that you are not welcome in our forum. I read the post on Rats Rule that you made and you got yelled at on there for posting dirty laundry. You obviously just like to start trouble. You may not agree with what others say but that doesn't mean you have to keep arguing about it. If you are go great then why don't you be the bigger person and just drop the subject. Agree to disagree. You want to sit and argue but you refuse to try to find any proof of what you are saying. You are lazy and are just being ignorant.

So like others have said - Please Leave!
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