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Hey guys so this is regard to my sweet Phoebe. We had to have her eye removed 2 weeks ago and soon after she started going downhill. She's very slow, unbalanced, and occasionally has issues using her hands. She was also breathing a bit weird but that has stopped. All this so bad that she is still in a separate cage as she can only handle her sister in small intervals of time.

We had her (and still do) on the antibiotic because of her eye, but the vet added Baytril when we called in with the new developments. Has anyone used both of these for long term? The chloramphenicol is very strong but she seems to have better days when she gets it.

Doses right now for Phoebe, 11 ounces
Baytril 0.1 ml 2x day
Chloramphenicol (75 mg) 0.2 ml 2x/d
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