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Cloud the Hamster

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Well i only had her for two and a half days but this little girl really got to me. She was up and running and playing at 2 pm and then at 4:15 she wanted out so i took her into my lap. She groomed herself on me for about ten minutes then laid so still. I looked down and she was gasping. I knew it was the end of the road for her so I gently stroked her angelic fur and whispered sweet things to her. She passed at 4:32 right after I told her how much I loved her and how sorry i was that i didn't find her sooner.

She was an active girl even in her older age. She loved her wheel and loved making me nervous by climbing up to the top of the cage and trying to sit on the wheel. That was how i knew she wanted out. I monitored her every move with every waking hour and will keep her journal for ever.

She was such a special hamster and she touched my heart the first time i met her. I walked into the SPCA to look in on some rats and there she was. My friend wanted to take a picture of her so she opened the cage door thinking she wouldn't come out. (Niether myself or my friend are hamster people and didn't want to risk being biten) Well the second she opened the door Cloud came running over on top of the door wanting love and attention.

As soon as my friend saw this she freaked out and said, "Stephanie get her she is coming out!!" So i went over and picked her up catiously, half expecting the little fluff ball to attack me and gnaw off my finger. But she didn't she sat there looking at me like "ok scratch me now please!"

So I had no choice but to hold her close and fall in love. I begged my husband to let me bring her home but there was no convincing him. I understand though having 13 rats, 3 cats, 3 fish, and two kids. I talked with him that night about her and struck up a deal. He agreed to think about it for a month and then tell me his decision. I of course took that as a prolonged yes and immediately started doing as much research as possible on hamsters. I joined forums and talked with people. I even bought her a cage and some proper food.

Wednesday of this week my friend and I decided to go take a look at a new rat they had found running in an alley in Roseville. We wanted to get pictures and put him on petfinders.

When we walked in I immediately went to Cloud's cage and to my horror she was very ill. I called my husband and explained the situation as calmly as possible. He of course told me to bring her home. She had all she could ever want and more. I will miss you so much Cloud I hope to see you again over the bridge! Rest in peace my little angel.


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I just want to thank you for taking her in before she went to the Bridge. I think it's so beautiful, so wonderful and happy that she left safe and warm in your hands. And most of all... Loved.
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