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cody the red nosed rat bag

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cody has a bloody nose , he has been to the vets and he cheacked him over n sed it wasnt repspatory (sorry cant spell) and gave him antibiotics as he had a tempture, we then took him for a check up and we were told he was fine, can rats get nose bleeds? its not a reprotory problem as he has no other symptoms and our vet is great but i was so worryed about cody hes bin bk 3 or 4 times and each time hes just said hes only got a tempreture apart from the last 2 times when he sed he was fine im a very nervous person and dont do well in confrontation so i dont like to ask questions face 2 face. so i didnt ask what it could be, back to the point can rats get nose bleeds as the blood isnt always there! please help thanks
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it changes most days he has non then other days he has spots and some times his whole nose is red non of the others have it ive had toby and cody since about september/octobre and hes always been like this!
cody is white and blond with red eyes theres pics of him under meet my rat
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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