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Concerns from a DISTRESSED new owner: symptoms of respiratory disease? Aggression?

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I found a listing and adopted a pair of female rats 2ish months ago, as a first-time owner. Since then, I've noticed some signs of illness and behavioral problems. Looking for feedback, information, or suggestions!

Information from previous owners:
  • Were found as feeders at PetSmart
  • ~1 y.o.
  • Never been to a veterinarian (booked for an appointment soon)
  • "Neutered males" (are unaltered females)
  • Eureka seemed dominant

  • Had porphyrin staining (cleared up)
  • Some remaining fur staining
  • Occasional sneezing
  • Skinnier than Gamine (eats more though)
  • Less smooth coat
  • Not as active (doesn't jump or climb much)
  • Sprained foot 2 weeks ago (since healed)
  • Has been starting fights more and more
  • Mounts Gamine

  • Has sneezed a few times but not as much
  • Seems to stand on sipper to avoid Eureka sometimes
  • Becoming less energetic and explorative
  • Good with handling
  • Squeaking
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Poor girls, I'm so glad they had you to get them out of that heck hole.

I'm going to assume those symptoms are likely due to their upbringing. Pet store chains like PetSmart breed rats in horrible conditions that cause them both health and behavioral issues.

They could have parasites or other ailments that are causing them to get irritable and snippy with each other, likely because they don't feel well. I'm sure the vet will have more of an idea whats going on, I hope the prognosis is good for your babies. :)
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