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The cost of raising a rat is relatively cheap. Food is inexpensive, hammocks can be purchased or hand made. These things are cheap.

What's not cheap are cages, accessories, and things like medical attention.

I made a decision to have Rasputin seen by a vet that I've brought Lily to in the past. I called around a few places this morning, since everywhere was closed over the weekend, after discovering rat lice. Last night, I discovered what may be fleas. I also suspect he may have mites. His fur is thinning out and he's itching more and more.

The doctor I'm bringing him to - appointment tomorrow at 2:30 - is extremely expensive. The base visit will be $60 and then it may add up to as much as $125 dollars. I have no idea how to afford this. I have the money, but this combined with the money that I dropped on his cage is quickly draining every one of my resources.

I'm not the kind of guy asking for handouts from anyone. My friends keep offering me money but that's not what's stressing me out. My lack of a job is cutting drastically into what I can and can't afford, but I can't leave him louse and flea infested... Particularly since I think the fleas could be biting at me.

I've looked at data entry jobs and input applications to them as my WPM is 84 at the bare minimum. Other options are publishing books I've written but I need time to finesse them to completion.

Rasputin is draining savings that I intended to be for myself. Savings I've had for years. I don't know what to do to lessen the impact of his cost on myself and my home.

If anyone reading has any tips or ideas (I've given the thread of ideas a once-over) then I'd love help.
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