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Crazy for gchocolate!

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I was having a tasty treat of chocolate covered mini doughnuts and the boys were out on the desk(I've limited their play area to my computer desk until I've got then properly socialized).

ed trotted up to see was I was having and went NUTS when he smelled the doughnut in my mouth. He grabbed it and tried to pull it from my mouth but I won. :D

Anyways, question is, do you think I could use tiny little crumbs of chocolate to speed up the trust training? I'm fearful for the negative effects of larger amounts of chocolate, I know a tidbit is ok every now and then but not sure about what I'm wanting to do.
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If it were me, I'd probably not use the chocolate - just because of the uncertainty of how much is good for their respiratory issues and how much is too much. Perhaps just keep chocolate as a special treat and use something like rice krispies for training - something that you can give in reasonable amount of quantities?
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